Dev Blog 7 – long time no see

Oh man, time passes so quickly these days. I am certain that the earth spins MUCH faster now than it did when I was six years old. The truth is that sometimes things just won’t work out the way we plan them. And while I was certain to meet my deadline last time I wrote a devblog, reality hit hard. In essence my plan collapsed when my to-do-list grew bigger the closer I got to the projected date of release. And here we are, months later you still haven’t heard […]

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Lockheed Vega 5 now in Early Access!

Ladies and Gentlemen, In case you haven’t seen it yet, the Lockheed Vega is now available for purchase in Early-Access! As you can imagine, the previous weeks have been crazy for us but I feel very confident that we released a product that is very solid, despite it being Early-Access. My biggest fear going into Early-Access has always been that customers feel like they’re not getting their moneys worth, which was the main reason for various delays of beforehand. But so far I had zero support requests regarding the aircraft […]

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Dev Blog 6 – fiat lux (part II)

In part one of the blog, I wrote about the electrical system. Both, as observed in FSX/P3D as well how we overcome it’s shortcomings. But so far we only covered the electrical sources of the Vega, namely battery, generator and ground power unit. This time I want to move on to write about the consumers of electricity. Design principles As with most other simulated components of the Vega, I try to modularize as much as possible. That allows me an easier debugging process, it’s easier to maintain code, quicker to […]

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Dev Blog 5 – fiat lux (part I)

In this blog entry I will talk about some aspects of the electrical system implemented in our simulated Lockheed Vega 5. And even though the Vega’s electrics are very simple, there is a lot to write about it. Therefore I decided to split this up into two parts to make it more accessible. I hope that you gain some useful insight, not only to how things work in this little airplane, but also into my approach of simulating real world physics in the FSX/Prepar3D. What the FS provides I always […]

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Dev Blog 4 – On barometers

The first three blogposts were intended to give you a broader perspective on the Lockheed Vega project. But I think it’s now time to leave that behind and start to talk business! It’s time to jump into the nitty-gritty of the development. And I chose the topic of “barometer”, because it was one of the first systems implemented in our Vega. Like in most other aircraft, there are three instruments in the Vega that rely on barometric sensors. Namely the Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) and the Airspeed Indicator (ASI). […]

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Devblog 3 – The big picture

I spend some time outline the history of the Lockheed Vega and the reasons why we chose to bring her to the Flight Simulator, I am still not quite ready to write about the development itself. In this blog post I want to give you an idea of where we want to go with this project and what you can expect over the course of the next months. The overarching goal of our project is to give you the most immersive and realistic experience of what it is like to […]

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Devblog 2 – Lockheed Vega in the Sim

In my first blog post, I wrote a small summary about the Lockheed Vega in real life. In this second blog I want to walk you through my thought process of choosing this airplane for our first product. I always loved vintage airplanes. To me, nothing beats the reluctance start of a spitting and coughing radial engine like the P&W R-1340. I enjoy the awkward beauty of old aircraft designs. And in the simulator I relish the messiness of a steam-gauged cockpit and all the potential problems and hazards that […]

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Devblog 1 – The Lockheed Vega

The Lockheed Vega for Flight Simulator has been in development for almost a year now. And since this is the first time I am writing about it, I don’t really know how to start. There are so many things that make this project exciting for me, so many details that we try to incorporate into our simulation and a lot of interesting things that we accomplished so far. I will try to keep my development logs concise and limited to a selected topic to make them a more interesting read. […]

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