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The all-new website!

Wing42 website announcement
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It was time for an update.

The design of the old website goes back to when we started in 2017. While I really liked the vintage look and feel of it, the underlying technology was getting old.

I originally wanted to update the website before the release of the Blériot XI, but I couldn’t find the time to do so and finally decided to wait for a time after release.

But then bad things started to happen only a few weeks ago. I had customers reporting that they weren’t able to download their product from our site. While everything was working fine for most people, there were a few peculiar cases were the connectivity was so bad that the downloaded file got corrupted. I ran a couple of tests to find out what was going on, but the only thing I found out was that the website worked fine for any location within Europe, but when you connect from overseas, particularly North America, everything was slowed down dramatically.

Our initial inquires with our webhost at that time didn’t lead to anything, the advise we got was to pay more money for better service. Yeah, right.

So I started investigating other options and I ultimately settled for a web host in the US that has really good connectivity all around the world.

We decided that if we’re moving to a different host anyway, we might as well update the website with it for a start fresh.

Sooooooooooo, here’s the new design! Come in, take a seat, have a look!

There are a couple of new features on this website that I am really proud of and I hope you will like them too! For example, I am a big fan of the big cover images that we use on most of the pages. Especially the pages that use videos to highlight our products look phenomenal, if you ask me.

If you would like to know what it takes to create a Wing42 aircraft, make sure to check out the page on “Add-on development”. It outlines the process and software that is used in our add-ons.

Also, check out the new timeline! I thought it would be cool to provide some historical information to all our products. The new timeline will put the various aircraft into a historical context to give you a feel for what was going on in the world at that time.

Timeline feature of the new website.

Test and share your thoughts!

The new website uses a different architecture and the most important part of the transition was to retain all the customer information in order for you to keep access to your downloads with the new system! We took great care to make sure that the transition ran smoothly, but because of the amount of data, we had to rely on automated systems for the migration.

If you run into any issues with orders made on the old website, please just send me an email through the “Contact Us” form and I’ll get you going again! We made backups of the old database to make sure that no information is lost.

Have fun with the new website and please tell us what you think of it below!

– Otmar

One Reply to “The all-new website!”

  1. Steve Boston

    A very good website Otmar – and I have enjoyed the Bleriot now for a long time. I tried the RIP version for my very first flight and managed OK while in ground effect – later managing 700ft (200 meters). Since then I can usually manage over 700 meters after very careful flying. I have also ‘cheated’ and sometimes used hill lift if the correct type of wind is blowing. then almost any height gain is possible.
    One thing I would like on this website is to be able to view the documents – especially the historical ones. I am at present on my laptop PC but the Bleriot ‘lives’ on my desktop where ASOBO’s sim is. It would be good to be able to read all the literature from here (without making copies of course)
    In any case I thank you for an excellent adittion to the sim and wish you happy flying (and no ‘Parkes Dives’).

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