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Wing42 is proud to present the Vega for P3D and FSX! The Vega was a highly successful airplane in its time. It was flown by pioneers, daredevils, used by airlines and other corporate companies. We are bringing this legend of an aircraft to your Flight Simulator!

This addon is released in Early-Access, and late on delivery. You can read all about the current status of development, our future plans and issues you might encounter with this aircraft.

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Full list of Features

Current stand: version 0.85.0 (06-APR-2019)

Listed here are some of the features you can experience in the current build of the Aircraft. Please note that the list is by no means complete and some of the mentioned features might still have some issues.

3D model
state-of-the-art 3d models with hand crafted and highly detailed 4k textures throughout the aircraft.
Flight model
Super-realistic flight dynamics and aircraft performance.
Ground equipment
Fully functional ground equipment with wheel chocks, battery cart, passenger stairs, fuel drums, tie downs and a baggage cart
[NEW!]Interactive Ground Crew
Dialog-driven ground crew interface with a life-like audible and visible feedback.
Payload manager
Functional payload manager for boarding/unboarding passengers, load cargo and fuel. The ground crew will first install all necessary equipment before loading the aircraft.
Walkaround interface
Interface to perform the mandatory walkaround of your aircraft to prevent problems during your flight.
[NEW!]Sound effect
The Wing42 Vega is utilizing a custom sound engine to produce unique sounds for all controls in the cockpit and an audible ramp agent.
Special effects
Our friends at FSFX Packages supplied an extraordinary set of special effects for thee Wing42 Lockheed Vega 5.
System simulation
Through the implementation of the Prop-o-Tronic physics engine, the Vega features an extensive simulation of various of the aircraft’s systems with more in the works! Working examples:

  • [NEW!] Fully functional Spark Advance Lever to control the timing of the ignition.
  • [NEW!] Realistic engine start-up procedure, considering priming/mixture and proper ignition settings.
  • Customized barometric system, simulating every component. I.e. Static port, alternate port, pitot tube, selector valve, vsi, asi, altimeter.
  • Electrical system, running independent of the sim. Real physics calculations of voltage and current of all electrical components. Includes a working(!) fusebox with working(!) spares.
  • Realistic vacuum system, based on real-world physics. Components include an engine-driven pump, venturi tube, the plumbing and connectors, vacuum source selector, pressure relief valve (with simulated spring forces), real-physic gyros in all vacuum-driven instruments, etc.
  • Real-world physics to calculate the propagation and dissipation of heat throughout the engine.
  • Super-detailed oil system, with each component being simulated individually.
  • Engine vibrations with calculated frequencies and amplitudes depending on the various conditions of the engine.
  • The 8-day-clock actually needs to be wound up at least every 8 days to keep the time.
  • Fully functioning and responsive wobble pump.
  • Instrument needle physics: Every single needle on the instrument panel moves based on individually calculated physics.
You’ll find the aircraft exactly how you left it. Except for the battery that might be drained if you left on the lights.
Great Animations
We take great pride in the custom animations of all parts of the aircraft. You’ll experience the airframe shaking when starting the engine, loose parts will vibrate, and the handles in the cabin will swing with the movement of the aircraft.
Intuitive Interaction
Use the mouse as you would move your hands in the cockpit. While simple switches are still operated with a simple mouse-click, we took great care in providing you an immersive experience with the controls. The real-world wobble pump was operated by moving the lever continuously forwards and backwards – to operate the wobble pump in the Wing42 Vega you click the lever and drag it forwards and backwards while keeping the mouse button pressed. The majority of controls in the cockpit follow a similar logic, mimicking the movement of the pilot’s hand in the real cockpit.
Great performance
Despite all the detail in both appearance and simulation, the Lockheed Vega performs exceptionally well, even on low-end computers.
The Lockheed Vega currently comes in many different liveries and variations:

  • Lockheed factory default livery (NC14236)
  • Fictional Wing42 livery (NC5542)
  • Shell No.7 livery (NC13705)
  • Braniff Airways livery (NC8495)
  • Green “military” paint job
  • Jimmy Mattern’s “Eagle” (NR869E)
  • Mirow Air Service (NC162W)
  • Fictional “The Sky Lounge” livery (N5KY)
  • [NEW!]Privately owned DL-1 with a metal fuselage (NC12288)
  • [NEW!]Army transport Y1C-12 Detroit Lockheed (AC 31-405)
  • [NEW!]Transcontinental and Western (NC624E)
  • [NEW!]Mexican Transportes Aéreos de Chipas S.A. (double registration XA-BAW / XA-BKG)
Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

Supported Platform

MS Flight Simulator X+Acceleration
MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe
MS Flight Simulator X Steam Edition
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v.3
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v.4.5


Quad core CPU ~3GHz


min. 4 GB

Graphics Card

min. 512 MB


~750 MB per installation (subject to change)

Download Size

~406 MB (subject to change)

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