Blériot XI
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Presenting: The Wing42 Blériot XI

Wing42 Blériot XI
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The Wing42 Blériot XI

There’s been a slight change of plans that took shape over the past couple of weeks. Due to some technical issues regarding the Lockheed Vega for MSFS, another project of mine became the center of attention and is now only hours away from completion. I started working on a Blériot XI all the way back in …. I can’t even tell how long ago – but it’s been years. It was a project I worked on on the side and for FSX back in the days. Due to various life-changing turns, the Bleriot XI for FSX never saw the light of day.

However, with the announcement and later release of MSFS, I wanted to upgrade my workflow to integrate more state-of-the-art technologies to be ready for the new sim! And that old project of mine, the Bleriot XI was one of the models that I had converted to the new Blender format I decided to use. My intention was to keep the Blériot on the backburner, keep working on her every now and then and maybe eventually release her. But things turned out differently!

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator brings a lot of new technologies, a lot of new workflows, but also a lot of new bugs and problems with it. Some of those just require some additional time to learn some new software, some require digging, because new technologies are not well documented yet. Some of the issues, however require waiting. Waiting until the major bugs get fixed. And I am currently stuck with such a problem when it comes to the Lockheed Vega for MSFS.

To pass the time until the problems get solved, I started spending more time on the Blériot XI. Eventually, I got Pamela Brooker involved in the project, who immediately fell in love with the simplicity of this early flying machine and with the challenges that she brings.

Long story short: The Wing42 Blériot XI for MSFS will be released tomorrow, Friday the 19th of November 2020 as the first Wing42 aircraft to make it to the new sim!

(and the Vega will follow soon!)

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