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The Lockheed Vega

What happened to the FSX/P3D Vega

TL/DR: She’ll get finished, but there’s more delays.

The long answer:

By the time Microsoft announced Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2019, the P3D/FSX Vega was already helplessly delayed. The reason for the delay is manifold and I wrote quite a bit about the struggle in our development blog. The problem was that with the MSFS announcement, sales for the Early Access Vega plummeted to virtually nothing. And in order for Wing42 to survive, money needs to be made. That’s why I made the decision to go full in with MSFS.

I want to make it clear: this does not mean the development of the P3D Vega is abandoned! However, I need to secure the funding for the next round of development first, before we can move forward with her.

Where’s the MSFS Vega?

She’s coming too! Developing for the new MSFS comes with lots of new things to learn and plenty of new pitfalls us developers all need to fall in at least once. Give it time and she’ll be ready for you!


What is prop-o-tronic?

Prop-o-tronic is the Wing42 physics engine. It’s a collection of algorithms that simulate the physical processes in an aircraft. For the P3D Vega for example, it can accurately simulate the electrical system, vacuum- and barometric systems, the combustion process in the engine.

It is used to determine wear and tear of aircraft components, simulate failures and minor mishaps.

For FSX/P3D, prop-o-tronic is contained in a DLL file that interacts with the aircraft using simConnect. All new add-ons for MSFS have Prop-o-Tronic integrated using a web assembly module + simConnect.

Will there be prop-o-tronic for MSFS?

The Wing42 Boeing 247D will be the first aircraft featuring Prop-o-Tronic! Albeit not all functionalities from the FSX/P3D are implemented yet.

When will there be prop-o-tronic for MSFS?

MSFS got away with the ability to interact with external DLL files for aircraft. As a result of this change, we have to re-write the whole system from the ground up.

It will take time, but I am working on it! The first steps have been taken with the Wing42 Boeing 247D, which features many algorithms from the older P3D/FSX Prop-o-Tronic engine.

Flight Simulator Add-ons

I found a bug/have an idea for improvement!

Let’s hear it! Get in touch via social media – twitter, facebook – or simply write us an email detailing your issue/suggestion.

I have an idea for an aircraft you should do!

While I am very keen to hear what you have in mind, I can tell you right away that it won’t be happening any time soon. We are usually fully booked for at least one year in advance, if not longer.

The Website

I lost/forgot my email/password, can you recover my account?

The website offers automated options to recover your account, which is what you should definitely try out first. However, if you still don’t manage to log into your account, send us an email and we’ll find a solution together! There’s a contact form on the website that you can use for this purpose.

I’m having trouble with the download/the file I downloaded is corrupt, what should I do?

Server connectivity can fluctuate, this is especially the case after a new release or a big announcement. Please bear with us and simply try again a little bit later and chances are the download comes through alright the second time.

If the problem persists, please get in touch with us and we’ll find a solution!

Will there be a forum again?

At the moment, I simply lack the time to maintain the forum in a reasonable manner. I will consider setting it up again, if we find people that can help with it.


I don’t like your add-on, can I refund it?

Due to the nature of them, purchases of downloadable products are non-refundable. 

I accidentally bought two copies, can I refund one?

We do make exceptions to the rule above, if the purchase was accidental. Drop us an email, and we’ll sort it out for you!

general questions

How many people are working at Wing42?

Wing42, at the moment, is really just one person. However, we are working together with other developers and some jobs are being contracted to 3rd parties.

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