The Lockheed Vega was the first aircraft to feature a fully interactive, lively, ground crew. The dialog interface we implemented allows for natural interactions between you, as the pilot, and your virtual ramp agent. Find out who you're talking with and how it works!

Wing42 - Heinrich Adler, ramp agent
Heinrich A. Ramp Agent

Heinrich Adler, Ramp Agent

As a young man, Heinrich Adler left his hometown in Germany to escape the devastating effects of WWI. He migrated to the United States and due to his keen interest in aviation, sought out a job as a “rampie”. He’s eagerly saving up money, hoping to eventually take flying lessons and jump into the cockpit of a Lockheed!

Mystery man

This character will be revealed soon!
Wing42 - Mystery man
Mystery man
Wing42 - The dialog-driven ground crew interface
The Dialog-based crew interface

The Interaction

You can initiate communiation with Heinrich using the "Talk to your ramp agent" button on the side-bar on the left side of your screen. From here, you can advise him to install or uninstall the various ground equipment that comes with the aircraft. Such as wheel chocks, pitot tube covers, external battery, passenger stairs, etc.

Heinrich will respond to your instructions audibly and start working on the task(s) you give him. Once the job is done, he'll let you know as well.

The aim of this feature is to improve immersion and realism for our add-ons. We're trying to make the experience more personal, by adding face and voice to crew members. By purchasing our Lockheed Vega, you can meet Heinrich, today!