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I'm glad you found your way to our Website and hope you will enjoy your stay here. We are a developer studio for Addons to Flight Simulators. We just released our latest work - the Blériot XI exclusively for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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The Blériot XI

The Blériot XI is the first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator released by Wing42. It's a highly detailed and accurate representation of this 1909s aircraft. It features insanely detailed 3D models and textures, custom WWise sound packs, ultra-realistic flight models and much more. Discover the world of MSFS low and slow!

Find all information on the Wing42 Blériot XI on our product page .

Wing42 on YouTube

Edson from The Sky Lounge and Shane (Aus Flight Simmer) taking a flight together in version 0.04.

In the newscast of Froogle.

In the review by Michael Hayward (Drawyah).

Aus Flight Simmer taking the Vega (v.0.03) for a spin.

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Presenting: The Wing42 Blériot XI

Presenting: The Wing42 Blériot XI

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