Lockheed Vega Update 0.85 Trailer

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I'm glad you found your way to our Website and hope you will enjoy your stay here. We are a developer studio for Addons to Flight Simulators. Currently, we are finishing up our first Addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, MSFSX Steam Edition and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D: The Lockheed Vega 5! You will find all information concerning this great airplane on these pages.

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The Lockheed Vega 5

The Lockheed Vega is the first product released by Wing42. It's a highly detailed and accurate representation of this 1927s aircraft. It features an extensive exterior model with ground animations, a fully functional Virtual Cockpit, realistic system's simulation, an accurate flight model and much more.

You will find lots of information on the Lockheed Vega on our product page or visit our forum .

Please note that all information presented is subject to change, since the addon is still under development.

Wing42 on YouTube

Edson from The Sky Lounge and Shane (Aus Flight Simmer) taking a flight together in version 0.04.

In the newscast of Froogle.

In the review by Michael Hayward (Drawyah).

Aus Flight Simmer taking the Vega (v.0.03) for a spin.

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