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Dev Blog 15 – Why delay??

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Hello and Happy New Year everybody!

If you come here often, you might wonder why there’s still no Boeing 247D available on the store. And of course the answer is that: “she’s not perfect yet!”. As always, some new idea made it onto the feature list, which caused a big delay – but trust me, it’s worth the extra wait!

Towards the end of last year, I had the honor of being featured on the livestream of “The Flying Fabio”. After talking about the radio on the stream, I was lucky to meet Eric van der Veen and we got talking about vintage radio navigation. Long story short, I contracted him to help us develop a historically accurate 1930s/40s radio equipment for our addon!

The Bendix MR-1B remote control wireless set, installed on the ceiling of the cockpit.

I have A LOT to write about this particular feature, so stay tuned for a soonish-to-be-released blog post about this magnificent piece of engineering.

The delay gave us time to work on other aspects of the aircraft too. Here’s a short list of cool features already working, in no specific order:

  • Awesome flight model by Pamela Brooker. Our 247 flies and handles like the real thing!
  • Radium-luminescent night lighting. Beware! They will fade over time and you’ll need to “recharge” them, by turning on some cockpit lights every now and then.
  • Integrated clipboard with payload manager, ground crew interface, engine start-up options, settings, reference sheets and an integrated transponder – for those of you who fly online.
  • Luggage and mail bags that dynamically fill up the aircraft as it gets loaded up by your rampies.
  • Each job assigned to your crew takes time and you get a real-time status update from each of them to see what they’re up to.
  • Two ways to start your engines: by commanding your mechanic, or manually, by stepping outside and manually cranking over the flywheels.
  • Extensive ground equipment and the option to remove panels from each engine nacelle – so you get a good look at those beautiful Wasp S1H1-Gs.
  • Manual emergency gear. Use the big ratchet on the right side of the cockpit to slowly crank down your gear, if the electrical system failed.
  • Realistic instrument needles – each one simulated separately with their own mass-damper-spring system.
  • Realistic vibrations throughout the whole ship, due to the engines, air resistance, ground impact, etc.
  • Engine smoke effects, using the new effects system.
  • Anachronistic, but necessary VHF radio.
  • New prop feathering buttons
  • Animated linkages on the carburetors of the engine
  • Individually controlled reading lights for each seat in the cabin
  • Working friction locks for the engine controls (there’s limitations, for compatibility with controllers)

We’re also busy getting the sound set ready. The engines already sound amazing and we’re now up to giving all the controls and switches their unique sounds.

There are some other things I have been working on, but it’s not time yet to reveal those 😉

See you around!

– Otmar

2 Replies to “Dev Blog 15 – Why delay??”

  1. Matt

    Fantastic really looking forward to it as well as the vega 5b any update?

    1. Otmar Nitsche[ Post Author ]

      My plan for after release of the Boeing is to first update the Blériot XI and then shift focus back to the Vega!

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