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  • Dev Blog 7 - long time no see

    Oh man, time passes so quickly these days. I am certain that the earth spins MUCH faster now than it did when I was six years old. The truth ... mehr

  • Dev Blog 6 - fiat lux (part II)

    In part one of the blog, I wrote about the electrical system. Both, as observed in FSX/P3D as well how we overcome it's shortcomings. But so ... mehr

  • Dev Blog 5 - fiat lux (part I)

    In this blog entry I will talk about some aspects of the electrical system implemented in our simulated Lockheed Vega 5. And even though the ... mehr

  • Dev Blog 4 - On barometers

    The first three blogposts were intended to give you a broader perspective on the Lockheed Vega project. But I think it's now time to leave t ... mehr

  • Devblog 3 - The big picture

    I spend some time outline the history of the Lockheed Vega and the reasons why we chose to bring her to the Flight Simulator, I am still not ... mehr