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Wing42 Boeing 247D Release Date and Pricing

We are getting ready for release and I have some things to share with all of you. Launch date will be the 2nd of April 2022. It goes without saying that if we run into major issues in the next few weeks, we might need to push the date a bit back, but I’m confident that we can wrap up development rather quickly from here on out. What’s the plan? The Wing42 Boeing 247D is an incredible add-on! The depth of the systems and the meticulous detail is currently hard […]

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Dev Blog 16 – Flying “the beam”

One big issue that had been bugging me for a long time is that of the radio equipment. The Boeing 247, and especially that later “D” variant utilized cutting edge technologies, which included some state-of-the-art radio equipment. The problem is, that by today’s standard, and thus the standard of Microsoft Flight Simulator, those technologies are hopelessly outdated and simply not used anymore. This bears some issues for us. Since we want to bring you a most realistic and historically accurate experience, the lack of low-frequency radio stations and the modern […]

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Dev Blog 15 – Why delay??

Hello and Happy New Year everybody! If you come here often, you might wonder why there’s still no Boeing 247D available on the store. And of course the answer is that: “she’s not perfect yet!”. As always, some new idea made it onto the feature list, which caused a big delay – but trust me, it’s worth the extra wait! Towards the end of last year, I had the honor of being featured on the livestream of “The Flying Fabio”. After talking about the radio on the stream, I was […]

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Dev Blog 14 – Clipboard and Payload

It’s time to have a talk about the clipboard of the Wing42 Boeing 247D. In previous installments of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, it was common for 3rd party aircraft developers to utilize 2D panels as a user interface for any sim-related interactions. An example for that is the payload manager of our P3D/FSX Lockheed Vega. MSFS completely removed 2D panels with no alternative way for us to generate a custom user interface. Before we dive into the fascinating world of clipboards, let me put a disclaimer: all the features shown […]

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Dev Blog 13 – (almost) finished the cockpit!

If you follow the development, you probably noticed that I haven’t posted many pictures of the cockpit until now. The reason is obvious: it wasn’t ready yet. In this blog post I want to share with you why it took so long and give you further insight on the research and development process for this aircraft. When researching an aircraft, we need as many drawings, photographs and documents as we can get our greedy hands on. The development process of any add-on is accompanied with countless hours of digging through […]

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Dev Blog 12 – Devils and Details

Ever heard of the 80-20 rule? It’s a concept I first heard about in my engineering courses, but it’s applicable to many, many fields. In our particular case it states that when reaching a 80% completion of a project, the remaining 20% require 80% of the work. The more I think I’m “almost finished”, the longer the remaining work takes. I’ve been riveting the Boeing 247D for WEEKS. Admittedly, one reason why it takes so long is the fact that I tend to procrastinate when things become too tedious. The […]

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Dev Blog 11 – Riveting (an) aircraft

Work on the Boeing 247 keeps progressing. The 3D model is in its final stages, so shortly I’ll be able to move on to the next stage when the coding is done. One thing I found incredibly tedious is placing the rivets and panel lines of the aircraft. 3D objects in MSFS make heavy use of a new material type called “decal”. It is used to draw a high-detail object on top of lower-detail geometry. For aircraft, this technology can be used to draw high-resolution rivet heads on top of […]

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Dev Blog 10 – server upgrades

Goooooooood evening! It’s been way too long since I posted here and so many things have happened in the meantime. So where should we start?! Server issues A couple of days ago, we had some issues with the database, which holds the data for the online shop as well as the forum. After some back and forth and careful consideration, we decided to restore a backup of the database from a few days prior to the issues. As a result there might be some forum entries missing right now, but […]

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