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Dev Blog 11 – Riveting (an) aircraft

Work on the Boeing 247 keeps progressing. The 3D model is in its final stages, so shortly I’ll be able to move on to the next stage when the coding is done. One thing I found incredibly tedious is placing the rivets and panel lines of the aircraft. 3D objects in MSFS make heavy use of a new material type called “decal”. It is used to draw a high-detail object on top of lower-detail geometry. For aircraft, this technology can be used to draw high-resolution rivet heads on top of […]

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Dev Blog 10 – server upgrades

Goooooooood evening! It’s been way too long since I posted here and so many things have happened in the meantime. So where should we start?! Server issues A couple of days ago, we had some issues with the database, which holds the data for the online shop as well as the forum. After some back and forth and careful consideration, we decided to restore a backup of the database from a few days prior to the issues. As a result there might be some forum entries missing right now, but […]

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